Elk Optics Analyzer


Elk Optics Analyzer (ElkOA) is a CLI+GUI tool that helps you visualize and post-process optics output data generated by the Elk code.

Visit: https://github.com/PandaScience/ElkOpticsAnalyzer


Elk Optics Analyzer…

  • Gives you quick and painless visual access to ELK output
  • Comes with an easy to use GUI and a python CLI for experts
  • Recognizes available tasks / (tensor) fields automatically
  • Is easily extendable

Users can…

  • Create and save publication-ready pictures
  • Visualize Elk optics output data in various ways
  • Cycle quickly through available datasets Tab
  • Select tensor elements to plot via dialog Ctrl+T
  • Use global tensor elements settings across all tasks Ctrl+G
  • Batch-load parameter studies Ctrl+B
  • Import and plot additional data files on top Ctrl+O
  • Write out currently displayed data in different formats Ctrl+W
  • Manipulate field data tab-wise, e.g. shift graph(s) to left/right, take square root etc. Ctrl+M


  • Convert response functions via Universal Response Relations, e.g. ε ➙ σ Ctrl+C
  • Convert dielectric tensors computed in the optical limit (q ➙ 0) into ordinary and extra-ordinary refractive indices for arbitrary wavevectors Ctrl+C

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